Our Educational Program

Shorehaven School, designated as a School of Excellence by the National Association of Special Education Teachers for multiple years, serves a maximum of 35 students between the ages of 6 through 21.  While predominantly residential, our school is proud to welcome and serve commuting students from both Cecil and Harford counties. 

Our Team

Our professional team includes experienced school administrators and special education teachers, an onsite behavior specialist, related service providers including an occupational and physical therapist, speech language pathologist, consultant psychiatrist and psychologist. Instructional and community living assistants provide individualized support for the students with whom they are assigned.

Our Students

As members of our school community, each student is provided individualized instruction and necessary related services in both the classroom and within the community. Ascribing to the philosophy that education is a process and not a place, Shorehaven School students are in the community daily as part of their educational and residential programming. Be it shopping for groceries for the Shorehaven Café or swimming at the local YMCA, our students are active consumers of all of what Cecil County and our surrounding geography has to offer. Being community based affords students the opportunity to practice what they have learned and apply those skills in real life situations. Students expand their experiential repertoire while concurrently expanding their transition portfolios.

Beyond that which is local, our students are engaged in service projects which incorporate a global reach. In response to the tragic earthquake in Haiti, our students participated in a variety of fundraising projects for earthquake relief.  Additional service projects include: 

Bake Sale to raise funds to end childhood hunger.

Cards and crafts for Veterans

Clerical tasks at a local private school.

Growing a vegetable garden.

Our Commitment

Recognizing the importance of communication with families and caseworkers of our students, Shorehaven School publishes a weekly e-newsletter known as the “Shorehaven Snapshot”. The newsletter serves as a vehicle to keep family members and those that support our individuals “in the know” about happenings throughout the school.

When walking through Shorehaven School, the dedication of our team is evident. Murals lovingly painted by two very gifted team members beautify our halls, written appreciation and recognition encompass our entryway and the interaction between our educational team and our students is truly inspiring. The dedication of our educational team to our students is particularly evident each holiday season when staff donates gifts of clothing, toys, food, sheets and blankets for specific families in need. 

Shorehaven School nears full enrollment capacity – yet the capacity to provide innovative individualized learning experiences for the students served is limitless. All members of our education team - instructional assistants, teachers, related service providers, nurses and administrators - are actively involved in the delivery of service and are committed to advancing our school’s mission – “Shorehaven School –   not limited by our challenges – we challenge all limits!"

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