What is Shorehaven?

Shorehaven is a 12-month, Non-public Special Education residential and day school program for developmentally disabled children. Community based group home program for children

Who does Shorehaven serve?

Shorehaven serves children with intellectual disability; autism; multiple disabilities, which include behavior disorders/oppositional behavior, self-injurious behavior, orthopedic and neurological impairment.

When may I visit?

Family members, case workers and other authorized guests are welcome to visit during operating hours. It is suggested that you call in advance to ensure that the individual you wish to visit is not off site at an appointment or activity.

How Do I Apply to work at Shorehaven?

You may apply in person to our corporate office, located at 1040 Singerly Rd, Elkton, Md 21921 or you can print /  email completed application to hr@shorehaveninc.com.  At that time you can complete pre-employment testing which takes about 30 minutes. If you choose to email the completed application, the pre-employment testing will be completed before a scheduled interview. Our office hours are 9 am – 5 pm, Monday - Friday. Download Adobe Reader to complete the application online.

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